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In Recognition Of The Sami People

Flag Sami

The Sami are the indigenous people who live in Sapmi, the Arctic region of Sweden, Norway, Finland and Russia. Although they have lived there for thousands of years, it is only recently that they have been recognised as an Indigenous people by the United Nations; this gives them the right to preserve and develop their […]

Norway – We liked what we Thor!

Bergen harbour

Norway is the third largest of the Scandinavian countries, behind Sweden and Finland but ahead of Denmark. This is deceptive due to the elongated shape of the country, and a bizarre fact is that if you were able to flip Norway from one end to the other, its Northernmost tip (currently in the Arctic Circle) […]

sLOVEnia – Healthy, Happy, Green – Feel the LOVE

sLOVEnia is situated in the heart of Europe and is the only country in the world with “love” in its name. Small but perfectly formed, its inhabitants love the outdoors – which is hardly surprising when you see the wealth of natural beauty. Firstly Piran – surrounded by a medieval wall and situated by the […]

Florida – Do Detectives Drive Ferraris?

Close your eyes and think of the Sunshine State – Florida. What springs to mind? Disney World? The Florida Keys? The Everglades? Orange groves? Perhaps you have visions of Miami Vice, wearing a white suit with Gucci loafers, jumping from your Ferrari into a speedboat and pitching up at a Miami Beach bar staffed by […]

New York, New York…

Occasionally something comes along that really catches our eye. Something special, something that sends a tingle through the bones, something with that often-quoted but rarely seen quality – the X-factor. With that in mind we would like to tell you about a new property in New York which we guarantee will leave you amazed, impressed, […]

A Load of Baltics

In our constant quest to offer clients a destination that meets with their needs but offers something a little “different”, we would like to share our thoughts on The Baltic Region. This is the collective name given to Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. Each has its own unique persona; each boasts an abundance of open space, […]

I Wouldn’t Go There!

Travel. It’s a fascinating industry which is full of experts, and I’m sure you’re already dealing with at least one of them. But the beauty of experts is that you can always find another expert who holds a completely opposite opinion. So who is right? Is your expert really the fountain of knowledge that you […]

Afternoon Tea with the Supreme Leader?

Where is left to explore? It’s a shrinking world, travel is getting easier and cheaper, people are more adventurous, destinations are more accessible. Soon there may be nowhere left unexplored. Or will there? Think again… Team Umbrella like to go against the grain… “A rebours” as our French colleagues have described us. We like to […]

Incentives With A Bite…

Where would you suggest for an incentive group from the dental industry? What better place than Transylvania, home of the most famous biter of them all! And so it was that our group travelled to this amazing part of the world. Romania has much to offer for incentive groups and will soon be on many […]

Ship Shape and Bristol Fashion

It’s a strange expression, rooted in nautical history. “Bristol fashion” refers to the belief that ships made in Bristol were of an excellent standard, such was the reputation of Bristol’s shipyards. But what of Bristol in the modern era? Does it still deserve such a reputation? The answer is yes, as we found out on […]