Tel: +44 (0)1189 344 488

Tel: +44 (0)1189 344 488

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Corporate Events, Meetings, Incentives, Corporate Travel

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Corporate events, meetings, venue search, travel, team-building and incentives, all organised and delivered by our experienced multilingual team. We create bespoke events for our clients; “nothing is off the shelf”, there is no “one size fits all” – you are unique, and so are your requirements.

Team Umbrella is an event management agency based in Berkshire. We handle private and corporate events of all types, including board

Team Umbrella - problem solved

Never fear, the Umbrella is here!

meetings, sales meetings, training days and team building activities, corporate incentives, product launches, parties and celebrations as well arranging travel and sourcing venues and accommodation. We arrange specialist activity breaks for groups including yoga retreats, training camps, golf breaks, and more.

So what’s different about us? Our people. We strive to understand your requirements and your expectations, then we exceed both. But rather than take our word for it, why not see what our clients think of us, here.

We’d love to discuss the many ways in which we can help you. Contact us here and let us know your requirements. Or just call us on +44 118 934 4488. It’s good to talk.


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Om du kan läsa detta antar jag att du förstår svenska. För att underlätta för dig så arbetar vi gärna med dig på ditt eget språk, så kan vi helt enkelt möta dina behov på ett sätt som verkligen gör skillnad. För mer information kontakta oss gärna.

HungaryHa ezt a bejegyzést el tudod olvasni akkor beszélsz magyarul. Szívesen állunk rendelkezésedre magyar nyelven is, ezáltal is hozzájárulva ahhoz hogy az együttműködésünket egyedivé tegyük. Bővebb információkért keress minket bizalommal.


Dacă poți să citești această notiță înseamnă că vorbești românește. Îți stăm la dispoziție și în limba română chiar și astfel dorind să-ți oferim un serviciu aparte. Pentru mai multe informații nu ezita să ne contactezi.

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They were a great help with Corporate Entertainment, offering great solutions and executing them to perfection for remarkably good value. DWS Technology Solutions

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