Off The Wall

“Bizarre travel plans are dancing lessons from God.” – Kurt Vonnegut

Kurt Vonnegut might think of us as dance teachers. We love the more unusual destinations, the slightly different activities, and our challenge is to share these things with you.

Allow us to create something special for you. Not something you’d find on the High Street, perhaps something you might never have imagined. We are proud of our ability to provide experiences to leave you with memories to last a lifetime. For example:

Finland. You travel by snowmobile across the frozen sea, to meet an ice breaker; climbing aboard you experience the might of these ships whose role is to simply break their way through ice floes. Once it’s broken, you have the option of floating in the water in a thermal suit.

Russia. The very name conjures up images even though very few people have visited this mysterious country. The sheer enormity makes it difficult to decide which part to visit, so why not see it as a true traveller, from the comfort of the Trans Siberian Express. This legendary rail journey doesn’t need to limit you to Russia, as you can start or end your journey in China, or you could include a contrasting European leg of your train adventure.

Transylvania. Of course we all know that vampires are pure fantasy… Don’t we? Well just to be sure you could always visit Dracula’s castle whilst exploring this stunning location. You will see the type of roads that leave Jeremy Clarkson salivating, traditional gypsies driving their horse-drawn carriages through medieval villages, and if you feel particularly brave there is the option to go trekking for bears in the forests and hopefully photograph these beautiful animals in their natural habitat.

Chernobyl. Of course we have to mention this. You have the opportunity to visit the site of this nuclear disaster and witness the devastation that was left behind. The whole experience includes being check with a geiger counter before and after, just to be sure that the person in the corner gently glowing has only been eating Ready Brek!

You might prefer deep sea fishing, or zip-lining, or whale watching; or maybe you’d simply enjoy a few days living in a cave in Cappadoccia (don’t worry, it’s not as basic as it sounds).  Whatever your tastes, whatever you’ve tried before, we are sure to have ideas that will both appeal to you and amaze you. Your group will thank you, and whatever destination or activity you choose, you will return with stories to share and a desire for more.

We can manage groups of any size and we handle every aspect – your travel, accommodation, transfers, and all activities; all you have to do is be there. Just bring a camera with a large memory. Open your minds, shed your inhibitions, let us show you how truly amazing the world can be. Click here to tell us how we can help you.