Yoga Retreats

Great news for yoga and Pilates teachers!

How would you like to take your class for a private yoga retreat or Pilates break? Imagine, stress-free luxury, comfort, the climate of your choice (some prefer warm weather, others like to combine exercise and skiing, or other cold weather pursuits), and all at a price that you would never believe possible. We can help; in fact, we can make the dream of your own retreat become a reality. No need to worry about arranging flights, transfers, accommodation, or anything else – we handle everything, freeing up your time to focus on your class, your yoga, and you. Just because you’re the teacher, it does not mean you can’t have fun too! We can even organise healthy eating options for your group.

Our retreats offer a full relaxation experience. Taking you away from your daily routine, your group are able to practice yoga or Pilates once or twice a day and eat healthily, with an option to enjoy spa treatments, immerse themselves in local culture or visit historic landmarks. Yoga breaks are a chance to indulge in quality “you” time, together with your class.

Retreats can be organised literally anywhere! You might want to try Portugal, Slovenia, The Canaries, Malta, Romania, Hungary… or even the UK? For something more adventurous you might want to consider Mauritius, Japan or India… but feel free to surprise us with your own ideas. We work with 4 and 5 star hotels, but can source accommodation of any type, and we are happy to arrange as much or as little of your trip as you wish, including travel, transfers, and managing dietary requirements.

Why not treat yourself and your group – you deserve it! Click here for further information.